“Common Barriers to Housing Across the Affordability Spectrum”

Join us on Thursday, October 15th from 1-2 PM for an interactive S4E panel, discussion, and Q&A with experts in housing development and land use law. This event will be in conjunction with HDC’s Affordable Housing Week (10/12-10/15).

We’ll explore barriers that exist regardless of the housing type or end use, the impacts of these shared barriers, and what solutions we can consider together. The interactive format will provide ample time for questions and discussion.

Panelists include:

  • Amy King, Owner @Square Peg Development & CEO @Pallet Shelter
  • Emily Thompson, Partner @GMD Development, LLC
  • Jessica Clawson, Partner @McCullough Hill Leary, PS

So often the housing conversation devolves into an either/or argument for market-rate/private versus non-profit/subsidized development. While affordable housing is indisputable the most critically needed, the 53% jump in home prices and 47% jump in rent from 2012-2017 in King County are attributed to a system-wide shortage of housing that spans the entire spectrum of affordability. A single development model alone will not solve the housing affordability crisis.

We need a comprehensive strategy that enables our housing response to match the staggering need in our communities at each segment. While we must persistently prioritize affordable units, there are shared barriers that constrain and limit abundant housing regardless of end user or development model.

We will frame this conversation about shared housing barriers and solutions by asking “who are we building for?” If that answer isn’t “everyone,” then we’ve failed. We must actively find ways to balance inclusion and community stability with necessary growth.

Shared Barriers to Housing: An Interactive Panel & Discussion (THR, 10/15 @ 1PM)

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