A Seattle that Works for All

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Seattle for Everyone is a broad coalition of affordable housing developers and advocates, for-profit developers and businesses, labor and social justice advocates, environmentalists and urbanists, all united to build an equitable, prosperous, thriving, and inclusive Seattle by ensuring that the benefits of the city’s growth are shared by all current and future residents – from those struggling with homelessness to wage-earners and families.

The Seattle for Everyone coalition is built on a foundation of support for the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) and the “Grand Bargain” provisions that will produce and preserve critically needed affordable and market-rate housing in Seattle and is the first ever comprehensive package of affordable housing policies that will provide for a growing, inclusive city over the coming decades.

Through education, mobilization and advocacy, we are using our collective voice and resources to ensure that this groundbreaking set of innovative recommendations are adopted and implemented – to make sure we are truly building a Seattle for everyone.

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