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Who We Are

Seattle for Everyone is a broad coalition of non-profit developers, private developers, affordable housing providers, labor groups, businesses, social justice advocates, environmentalists, urbanists, and neighbors.


We unite around the conviction that everyone, regardless of income or background, should have access to safe, stable, and affordable housing. We believe in a Seattle for Everyone.

Values & Vision

The housing crisis affects us all. We believe in crafting and implementing solutions across boundaries; the challenge is too big to tackle from our silos. To be truly successful, the benefits of growth must also be shared equitably by everyone. We aspire to create a fair, accessible, sustainable, and thriving future for Seattle as the city grows.

Principles for Action

To successfully achieve our vision, we believe that solutions will need to align with all three of our Principles:

◊    Create & Preserve More Housing Options in Every Neighborhood
Increase our shared capacity to effectively and compassionately build a full spectrum of housing. A fundamental contributor to the housing crisis has been gross underproduction coupled with a legacy of discriminatory and restrictive policies. By removing barriers, we can enable more homes to be built across the city, especially around transit, jobs, and opportunity.

◊    Support Low- and Middle-Income Affordability
Fund, produce, and preserve a range of housing choices with a special focus on affordable low- and middle-income homes. Solutions must intentionally provide for affordability.

◊    Support Equitable Development
In all of our efforts we remember that the lifeblood and vibrancy of our city comes from the empowerment, expression, diversity, and stability of the people — past, present, and future. We believe in supporting and protecting communities at risk of displacement and including everyone in growth.

What We Do

  • Develop bold and innovative policy and regulatory recommendations
  • Use our collective voice to inform and reframe the public conversation
  • Uplift vulnerable communities
  • Organize and mobilize grassroots support
  • Provide education and technical expertise to local leaders
  • Support the spawning of work in other markets like Portland, Bellingham, and other King County cities