Along with our partners, we are excited to announce the launch of King County for Everyone (KC4E), a related broad coalition network of organizations and individuals working to build a future where everyone, regardless of income level or background, has access to a safe, stable, and affordable home. KC4E represents the regional evolution of the work by Seattle for Everyone to push for access to more housing in every income group, subsidy and support for affordable housing, and equitable development strategies.

Seattle for Everyone will continue to be present and active locally as a chapter of King County for Everyone; our priorities around Seattle’s 2024 Major Comprehensive Plan Update and other issues remain unchanged. This expanded approach simply recognizes that local and regional housing affordability and equity issues are inextricably connected.

As before, we believe that no single sector, funding source, policy, or jurisdiction can solve our ongoing housing affordability and equity crisis on its own. We can only succeed in a diverse network of people and organizations committed to all that abundant housing intersects with: affordability, community stability, racial equity, environmental sustainability, access to jobs and amenities, and transportation investments. We hope that you’ll stay engaged with S4E and consider getting involved with KC4E as well.

If you’d like to learn more about building a King County for Everyone and taking action, check out this link:


-The Seattle for Everyone Coalition

Introducing: King County for Everyone

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